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Chitarra E Violino 3D


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Chitarra E Violino 3D
(only canvas, frame optional)

Dimensions: 100X100cm

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Chitarra E Violino 3D
(only canvas, frame optional)

Mixed art (painted oil or acrylic and airbrush):

The painting can be arranged on two different frames depending on the final desired effect; Frame made of 2.5 cm or Gallery Framing 5cm thick. The pictures can be made in different sizes on customer request and are due to the presence of applications in pomade colored cords of various colors, realizations in paper mache with plaster, light dots (Swarovski), plaster and 3D gold leaf or silver. These effects allow that in addition to the base material, to the painting a unique and brilliant effect is given. At least the customer can complete the work in a very classical way. For this he needs only chose out of a variety of frames and choose the type of mounting. Classical assembly to the frame; 3D assembly to the frame that is installed behind the screen for a final three-dimensional effect.

The airbrushing is nothing but the art of painting using the airbrush.
Call it 'art' to many may seem excessive but, looking at the paintings that can be achieved using this technique of painting, one can only be shocked; rightly so airbrushing may fall in pictorial art in general with his technique at least original. The airbrush is a small tool that sprays paint with a spray process. An airbrush works by passing a flow of compressed air through a Venturi tube, which, by creating a local reduction of the atmospheric pressure, allows the paint to be sucked from a tank interconnection at normal atmospheric pressure. The high speed of the air atomizes the paint in very small droplets. The paint is sprayed on paper or, much more often, on other surface. And 'the artist who controls the amount of paint using a command. An extremely fine atomization is what allows an artist to create spectacular effects with the airbrush.

Acrylic painting is a painting technique born relatively recently. The paints are produced with colored powders (pigments) mixed with an acrylic resin (almost exclusively of origin ketone) drying variable, generally fast, depending on the resins, pigments and producing factory. The media can be extremely varied, from drawing paper (like Bristol), the cardboard, the canvas, the canvas board, the wooden supports (including plywood). Are used, as well as for the execution of paintings, for the decoration of walls and that of the most disparate objects, their good resistance combined with relative cheapness and quick drying make it a product of wide use. It can slow down the drying with a moderate addition of glycerin. Features of the acrylic paint is fast-drying, easy to apply and translucency once dry. The defect of acrylics is to not allow the technique of the gradient, as is done in oil paint. In fact, the gradient with the acrylic takes place at times, in steps allowing the passage from one tone to another, or by successive clouds of diluted color that are stretched out on dry color. Acrylic colors are easily mixed with each other and as a diluent is preferable to plain water, can also be used to clear, before drying, parts of color. A fundamental characteristic of acrylic paints, which differentiates them from traditional tempera, is their indissolubility when dry. It is therefore required thorough cleaning brushes after work; It is to prevent the color to dry on the brushes, which have to be rinsed in water and dried. If the color had dried on the brush you can dissolve it with alcohol or nitro thinner. Some types of acrylic paints are sensitive to light that makes them lighter, like the red-violet and blue-violet, because they were created with pigments derived from organic chemicals photosensitive, this phenomenon is obvious with a lacquer of acrylic resin with UV filter that protects those colors. For the other colors do not need a primer because the acrylic resin that composes them makes them resist to light and weathering, including smog.

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